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Check out how Kiwi the Koala can help Toddlers with their fruits & vegetables in this video!

All About Kiwi the Koala

Kids adorable plush animals so what better spokes"animal" than an adorable Koala!

Remember those times that food brought you together with friends & family and it was fun to gather around a table? As a parent, it can feel far from fun when sitting at the table with your kids and the mealtime battles. Mealtimes are meant to be a special time to bond with your kids, learn about their day and enjoy some family time. Kiwi the Koala Nutrition Kit brings a fun, positive way for kids and parents to learn how to enjoy meals together while Kiwi Nutrition Cards teach in a fun, positive way how these amazing fruits & veggies help fuel their growing bodies. Check out this video for more info.