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I'm Beth Dunlap, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion for making food fun & colorful for kids! I love creating ways for kids to connect how nutrient-packed fruits & veggies help fuel their growing bodies in fun, engaging ways!

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Kiwi the Koala Nutrition Kit

Kiwi the Koala is my work partner! We are developing fun ways to bring color & joy to mealtimes! Feeding young children can be very challenging! Kiwi the Koala is ready to step in to help provide an easy to use method for busy parents to help their kids connect with what they eat and how it helps their bodies. Kiwi the Koala Nutrition Kit is launching soon on Kickstarter April 12th! Stay tuned for more details or click here and be the first to know when we launch on Kickstarter!

       Hello All!         Welcome to Kiwi the Koala Nutrition!

Thanks to "Today in Nashville" for inviting me as a guest to share about Kiwi the Koala Nutrition Kits & our Color Parties!

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