Knowing how the food helps their bodies grow & be healthy, opened up my kids to trying new foods-especially veggies.

Welcome to Kiwi the Koala Bear

& Friends!

Where birthdays are celebrated with an adorable stuffed animal named Pepper the Puppy &

Kids learn about Super Foods to Grow on with Kiwi the Koala Bear!


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Love Shark Tank? Want to be a part of bring a product to the market?

Join us and be a big part in helping Kiwi the Koala Bear teach kids the super foods to grow on!

What is Kiwi the Koala Bear?

  • Includes 24 flash cards as a fun way for kids to learn how fruits & veggies help their bodies grow & be healthy!
  • Includes a Parent's Guide to Feeding Little Bellies
  • Includes 10" Kiwi the Koala Bear

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