How's Your Nutrition 401K Plan Going? Are you Investing for your future?

Invest in Your Nutrition 401K

If you start investing in your retirement at age 60 and retire at age 65, it will help you some but not nearly as much as if you had started in your 20s, 30s or 40s. The longer you invest, the better! Your Nutrition 401K plan is much the same way.  The longer you include nutrient packed foods and move around more than you sit, the better off you will be when that magic retirement day comes!

Start today! We save money, not by accident but by being intentional. We change our health habits not by accident but by being intentional. Decide what meal you'll add an extra fruit or vegetable each day this week and be intentional about doing it all week. Decide when you'll be physically active this week and be intentional about keeping to that plan. If I don't exercise in the morning, all my good intentions go away as the day moves along. I'm not exercising later in the day. It's just not a plan for me. Know yourself and your schedule. Help yourself succeed by planning these at times when you can do it!  Each day you include these habits, they are an investment into your Nutrition 401K Plan! Eat colorfully and move often!

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