5 Ways to Stop the Toss

5 ways to Stop the Toss of Veggies, Fruit & Other Foods from the Frig to the Trash.

You work hard for your money and it takes time to walk the aisles of the grocery store! By putting a bit more time into planning your meals, you'll save time & the frustration of wondering why everyone insists on eating multiple times every day throughout the week!

Make your grocery list work harder for you! Instead of jotting a few items on a spare scrap of paper or writing out some foods quickly on an app, have your list help you plan your week. Take a look at my grocery store list in the pictures.

1. Take a look at your week. What does you day/evening look like?  Set yourself up to succeed! Plan that new recipe for a calm, relaxing night. Is the evening crazy with kids going in all different directions after you're rushing home from a busy day?  Then it's not the time to experiment with a new dish. Plan for the slow cooker that morning, pull together sandwiches, or go for the tried and true meal you can make in your sleep.

2. Make a Meal at a Glance to answer the What's for Dinner Question at the beginning of the week. Plan out your main entree plus the side dishes. This will help decrease the stress of dinner and simply implement your plan!

3. Make a list. I know that tip is as old as time but it’s because it works! Knowing you have all ingredients on hand before 5pm that night definitely helps make sure you use all the food.

4. Stop the impulse! I’m a sucker for walking through a nursery or home improvement store and coming out with many flowers. I fall in love with the beauty of it all. Then it comes home and my black thumb of gardening comes out! Your well intentions of tossing in a variety of veggies while on the produce aisle may end in a brown sluggish mess if there’s no plan of when you’ll actually fix it.

5. It doesn't have to be gourmet! There's no Cutthroat Kitchen judges ready to boot you out of the kitchen if it's not complex enough of a dinner! Keep it simple! Open a bag of baby carrots, wash off some strawberries or simply steam some broccoli in the microwave to help add some much needed nutrients to everyone's plates! Carrots & fruit usually make an appearance at every dinner whether it goes with your meal or not. The last picture is a quick meal I made one night for our family as we were rushing home from work & school and then heading to different sports events.  A simple Trader Joe's turkey burger on a whole week bun with fruit & a veggie. Done!


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