Beyond Food, Growing Healthy Kids Outdoors

Food is on my mind a lot as a mom & Dietitian but give me a muddy face and soaking wet clothes from being drenched in a creek any day!  Throughout the years, my kids & I have explored many trails & creeks throughout Nashville with our hands down favorite being Edwin Warner Park!  This place just screams out for kids to explore & play! What better way for our kids to learn how to love keeping their bodies physically fit than to instill a love for the outdoors! Learning to love exercise through activities that you not only enjoy but also renews your spirit is such a gift to pass on to kids! March through the creek along the trail, get soaking wet...there's always a change of clothes & a towel waiting in the car!

Not sure where to go? Check out these great resources....

A must check out is which lists anything from hiking, canoeing to finding waterfalls close to you!  It'll even let you filter for kid-friendly and length of the trail! 

Ready for a fun outing around Nashville?  A go-to resource for playgrounds, splash pads and more is the Nashville Park Finder. Such a cool website and would have saved me from getting completely lost trying to find Cumberland Park!

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