Tell Your Food Where To Go Before The Week Begins

If that title sounds familiar, I adapted it from Dave Ramsey's advice to tell your money where to go before the month begins using a budget. This same principle holds true with our food!

Imagine the difference when you are intentional about what you eat.  Walking into the grocery store with a shopping list including ingredients for meals to cook each day of the week is like setting up a budget before the month begins.  You are planning for the food you buy and no longer will good intentions of buying vegetables go unrewarded by simply dying a slow, rotting death in your crisper drawer.  It means eating out less because the rush home from work and the question of “what’s for dinner” is already answered. 

Go one step further and print your grocery list on colored paper. This tip was adapted from Shark Tanks's Barbara Corcoran's advice to print your daily to-do list on colored paper. Saves it from ending in a pile of white who knows what all is there!


Weekly Menu JPEG.jpg
Grocery List page JPEG.jpg
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