What Thor & Loki Teach Us About Carbs

Thor hammer plus book plus F and V 2.JPG

I am a sucker for Marvel Movies

Our family loves movie nights and we’ve seen all the Marvel movies! But did you know there’s a little overlooked fact that Thor & Loki teach us about food, especially carbs?  Nope? I admit, it’s not super obvious especially when you are focused on all the action in the movie!

Thor & Loki are brothers, raised together by the same Mom & Dad but couldn’t be more different. Thor is strong, ready to fight and defend against enemies. Loki has the funny one liners but at times brings destruction along the way. The movie is more entertaining with Loki’s character but you need the steadiness of Thor to hold him in check.

So what’s the connection to carbs? It’s all in the family! When you’re from a large family like carbs, everything from lollipops to blueberries gets clumpy together! Some family members like blueberries, sweet potatoes, oranges, whole grains and beans are strong, ready to fight & defend against enemies like heart disease & cancer aka the Thor’s of the food world. While other family members like cupcakes, donuts, and cookies (aka the Loki’s of the food world) bring much enjoyment (or the funny one liners in the yum of a chocolate dessert) but too much may bring along belly aches, inflammation and obesity related conditions.  We can enjoy our Loki desserts but have to keep a check on them. They add to our story of life and are part of life. Enjoying a birthday cake with a close friend or taking your child out for ice cream should be a funny one liner of your life. Enjoy it!

The Thor foods are there for our everyday strong, steadiness recruiting disease fighting nutrients for a more stable diet and universe!  😊

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