Picky Eater Says No to Even Pizza Until One Bite Changes It All!

I was talking to my mother-in-law about how picky of an eater I was growing up. She made the comment that it’s funny I picked being a Dietitian as my profession.  I had never thought of it that way but it’s true. Looking back at my picky self, I would never think food would be on my mind as much as it is!

How picky was I?  Do you know a kid that doesn’t like pizza?  No, probably not!  It’s the universal kid food!  It’s up there with hot dogs and chicken tenders!  Not me though! I brought peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to pizza parties! I’m not even kidding!

The funny thing is that I never even tried it. I thought it looked gross so I never ate a bite. A new Showbiz Pizza opened up close to my home (aka Chuck-E-Cheese for my generation) and my family went. It all looked so cool with the dancing bears and games. This is where I finally tried it. My sister convinced me to try a bite when she ordered pizza with sausage and said it tasted like hamburger.  Hamburger, a familiar food….o.k. I’ll try it. 

Two things changed for me that day at Showbiz.  I had a familiar food comparison and a bite.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know pizza is not the struggle for parents with picky eaters!  I do think there are several lessons to learn from my experience.  One bite can go a long way towards accepting a food.  With my kids, we’ve done a one bite rule.  We provide the food and ask my kids to take at least one bite.  We leave it at that.  No bribing, no rewarding.  Just a bite and if no more is eaten, that’s fine.  It probably won’t work to tell them it tastes like hamburger but do serve it with familiar foods so your kids will see some of their old faithful along with the newbies. 

By the way, it depends on your kids and your family if you simply want to have the food available or have your child try a bite.  It doesn’t need to go down to a family feud to get that one bite down!  If it starts going that direction, stop and you enjoy the food & your family time together!

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