Chocolate Milk-- Is it a go to drink for Kids & Sports Recovery?

I have two extremes with my kids!  My oldest son's favorite drink is milk. When he was younger and we were sitting up a lemonade stand, he wanted to set up a milk stand!  Ummm, no.  My youngest is on the other end of the extreme.  I've tried all variations of incorporating milk & dairy products into his diet.  While milk & yogurt were a staple while he was younger, he has slowly gone away from both.  Smoothies were a no-go with him.  While we eat several veggies that contain calcium, it's not absorbed as well as it is from milk.  Chocolate Milk has been the only food/drink high in Calcium & Vitamin D that he is happy to drink on a daily basis. Now he's gone so far to say when he grows older, he wants a refrigerator full of Fairlife Chocolate Milk!

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Chocolate Milk
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