Your Turn to Bring Team Snacks!

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When I played soccer

in middle school, our coach brought cut-up orange slices.  Nothing was better than those juicy orange slices on a hot day after a game.  They were the perfect way to end the game!

When our boys started playing sports, I was surprised at how much had changed since my middle school soccer days! Gone are the days of my cut-up orange slices and now cupcakes, donuts and chips take its place.  Now don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy a dessert but after a game? I feel like we're missing a great way to teach our kids how to refuel well after exercise.

We're fans of Dude Perfect & Love their Stereotypes shows. The workout stereotypes is spot on with Garrett ready to eat a large meal because he just exercised. it's easy for us to exercise and then think that we deserve our treat later in the day because we exercised. Problem is we probably exercised off about 300 calories and are now topping off that exercise with 700 calories!

Let's help kids refuel well after their game! Bring cut-up oranges and slices of watermelon as your team snack!

Registered Dietitian, Sally Kuzemchak posted a great tip to talk to the team or coach before the season beings on what types of snacks everyone agrees to bring.

Curious how to fuel your growing athlete? Check out Jill Castle's "Eat Like a Champion" Book!

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