Lessons from Disastrous First Birthday Cakes

I had Pinterest fails & cake fails before they were even a thing! I was ahead of my time! :) When my oldest son was turning one, I felt like I needed to make his first birthday cake. While flipping through a magazine, I saw an adorable barn cake. With way too much confidence in my ability to use fondant (even though my only previous experience with fondant had been eating someone else's cake creation), I set out to gather supplies. Well, I think you can get the idea of how it turned out from the picture! It's o.k. You can laugh away! I certainly did and then tossed the cake.  

Lesson 1 from the Barn Cake....

Every meal you serve your family is not going to be a perfectly balanced nutritious meal that could grace the front cover of magazines. Some days it's going to look like my barn cake. The idea of the meal was fantastic but it all became lopsided and looks awful when coming out of the oven. It's o.k.! Scrap it, make breakfast for dinner that night and enjoy a family meal together!

Will's 1st bday cake by me.jpg

Second try... We clearly couldn't use the Barn Cake so we decided to let the professionals handle this! My husband flipped through the cake samples and found one that said "School's Out" with a fun summer scene. Perfect. Can we have it say "Happy Birthday Will, instead of School's Out?" The restaurant told us not a problem and wrote that down on the order form. My husband went to pick it up the day of our son's 1st birthday party and just enjoy the picture and laughs!

Lesson 2 from Happy Birthday Will instead of School's Out....

Even when planning ahead, the unexpected is sure to come especially when raising children! We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make it Pinterest Perfect. Keep a few go-to meals for those unexpected "Happy Birthday Will Instead of School's Out" kind of evenings! Mine is Trader Joe's turkey burger, carrots and fruit. Simple even for the surprise turns in the day that you don't see coming!

Will's cake by Dairy Queen.jpg

Third time is the charm! Let's keep it super simple! Got it! Good thing he only turns one ONCE!

Lesson 3 from Simple Puppy Cake....

When planning your meals, your kids really do not care if the meal offerings "go together". When trying to put a meal together, you never know what challenges may come along while little ones circle your feet! Make it easy on yourself! It does not have to be fancy nor does the family menu need to be like pairing a fine wine with a steak. Serve strawberries and roasted cauliflower with fish tacos. Enjoy some chicken & broccoli stir-fry with watermelon and carrots. Make it a spaghetti night with a new veggie and a go-to yummy fruit as a side or dessert. Fruit is found on our dinner table every night whether it goes with the meal or not. Serve your family favorite foods along side the new foods to help reassure children that there are foods they enjoy on the table even if they do not "go together'.

Thankfully, raising children takes years and we get many cake do-overs!

Will's last 1st bday cake.jpg
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