So much more than just a pretty face!

Walk into any grocery store or farmer's market and you are hit with a variety of beautiful colors! These colors provide so much more than just a pretty display. Kiwi the Koala is all about color because the more colorful your plate, the more variety of nutrients. There's so much more to fruits and veggies beyond our typical vitamins & minerals!

How it helps....

Red Fruits & Veggies: contains Carotenoids & Lycopene

       How it helps... may help fight heart disease & some cancers. Promotes memory function & promotes urinary tract health.

Green Fruits & Veggies: contains Lutein & Zeaxanthin

     How it helps...lowers risk of some cancers, heart disease, maintains vision health, protects against birth defects. Keeps blood cells, bones and teeth strong.

Blue & Purple Fruits & Veggies: contains Anthocyanins & Flavonids

     How it helps....lowers risk of some cancers and promotes healthy aging. Improves urinary tract health, memory function & heart health.

Yellow & Orange Fruits & Veggies: contains Carotenoids & Lutein

     How it helps...maintains heart health, vision and immune system health.

White Fruits & Veggies: contains sulfur compounds

     How it helps....maintains heart health & lowers cancer risk

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