How Superman Teaches Us How To Feed Our Kids...What's Your Role?

Super hero Kid flying.jpg

What if Lois Lane started doing some of Superman’s role in the movie or if Doc Ock took over what Spiderman was suppose to do?  No one looks up to the sky and says, “Is it a Bird?  Is it a Plane?  No, it’s Lois Lane”! It wouldn’t make any sense!  Same goes for setting your roles for your mealtimes!  Don’t read someone else's lines and step into someone else’s role. Just like a movie script, everyone has their role. 

As the parent, you are cast as the lead role plus the director's position while your kids have a strong supporting role that is equally important!  Your script roles include planning meals & snacks, grocery shopping, preparing meals & snacks at consistent times & location.  And scene. 

Now for the kid’s role.  Your kids enter the script by coming to the location you have scouted for the meal or snack, assisting with cooking as directed by the main character, deciding what they will eat (from what is offered by the main character) and how much. 

Kids are not the director and cannot order the main character (aka the parent) to go off script and provide food that is not already available on the table.  That would be writing their own script which is not how this works.

By keeping within everyone’s role, your family is writing a peaceful mealtime story where you enjoy everyone’s company during the whole production! 

Beth DunlapComment