What I’ve learned about why the outdoors is even more important as my kids get older & how it helps with risky behavior!

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There's really nothing quite like backpacking in the mountains. There's no choice but to disconnect from life and that's one of the best parts! No cell phones, no video games, no devices just family, friends, beauty and nature! We went backpacking to the Walls of Jericho along the Tennessee/Alabama border with our Boy Scout Troop in November! We have loved Boy Scouts because it combines friends, the outdoors and exposes us to places we may not have found on our own.

As my guys grow older, I see the importance of the outdoors even more than when they were younger. You know you have gone to an amazing lecture series when you are still quoting it more than 10 years later! When our boys were toddlers, we attended a fabulous workshop on raising boys  by Dave Thomas, author of Wild Things book. In this series, he broke down by age what our boys need. It opened my eyes to how we can help provide what they need at each stage of their lives. Here's some of my notes from 10 years ago... outlets to test strength, test his mind (reading, music, art), adventure and risk (boy scouts), purpose (need responsibility). Kids/teenagers want to test their strength, take risks and have adventures. How will they find that? There's plenty of risky & dangerous options that we don't want them to take so how do we drive a further wedge away from that world? By showing them a way to have adventure, take risk, have to rely on themselves and push themselves further than they thought they can handle plus they get to enjoy God's amazing handiwork along the way!

Explore, enjoy the adventure, take risks, and get outdoors! Not sure where to start? Check out trails.com

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