Dinner's Ready! Why gather at the table? And the dinner guest that needs to get shut off!

Life is busy. Parents, kids, all of us are running in a hundred different directions with crazy schedules. In all this craziness, the nights that we all sit down together at the table, talk and laugh together, I get up thinking I just really enjoyed that time with my family. It's like a pause button on life. As the years go flying by, I realize more and more how precious this time is with my rapidly growing kids. Connect, bond, laugh, enjoy food and spending time together is what carving out a little bit of time does for us. 

Like many things in life, you have to be intentional about it. Otherwise, everyone ends up eating in front of the TV or various devices and on different schedules. I have a feeling I won't look back at those dinners with quite the same fondness as the ones gathered at the table without any devices. Devices are unwelcome dinner guest and get put away in other rooms. 

You've probably heard the great benefits of eating dinner together but it's worth a look over again. It's basically what parents are striving for their kids all wrapped up in a 20 minute bow and we even get to eat! It doesn't even have to be dinner. If breakfast works better for your family, make that your go-to family meal together!

Here's the benefits from studies....

  •      increased self-esteem
  •      higher grade point average
  •      better body image satisfaction
  •      decrease alcohol and substance abuse 
  •      decrease feelings of depression or suicide 
  •      higher intake of nutrient-rich fruits & vegetables

Bonus: stopping all the crazy to remember what's most important! 

Check out The Family Dinner Project for fun ideas, conversation starters, recipes and more. 

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