What No One Told Me About Launching a New Product......

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Imagine you're standing naked in the middle of Time Square!  No one ever told me that bringing a new product to the market would produce a similar, terrifying feeling, as I imagine, it would be.

Never have I felt more vulnerable as I have been through this process. In order to really do it, you cannot hold back, you have to fully push yourself beyond the limits you thought you had. I never thought I would be on TV, YouTube, or even own a selfie stick!

I took stuffed animals….in a wagon….with balloons…..by myself…..without a child to Radnor Lake, Edwin Warner Park, the airport, all over downtown Nashville and on walking trails near my home. I chased after out-of-control balloons in the wind in front of the Ryman. At Centennial Park, I heard comments from teenagers whispering, “hey, that’s the girl who was doing a video with those animals by the pond”.Security guards shooed me away at the walking conveyor belt in the garage at the airport only after I got my “Fruit/Veggie of the Day” Video. Whoo-hoo!

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When you work a Full-time job with a family, when do you work on your dreams? 4AM became my standard alarm clock and podcasts became my constant companion! I ate lunch listening to Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner and Jenna Kutcher, grocery shopped with Crowd Crux in my earbuds, and cruised the roads with Amy Porterfield and Rick Mulready. Rewinding many times when I had zero clue what they were discussing!

No formal experience in PR ✔️, Social Media Marketing ✔️, Website Design ✔️, Anything Analytics or Pixel related✔️, Video Editing ✔️, Running a Giveaway ✔️, Designing Graphics ✔️, Photography ✔️, Facebook Ads ✔️, E-mail Manager ✔️, Webinar ✔️, or Trademark ✔️. Yep, that pretty much sums me up! It has been a T-Rex Size Learning Curve for me to overcome.

You become the marketing manager, computer IT, social media manager, creator, videographer and editor. It doesn’t really matter that you have zero experience, it’s either learn or hire it out. We are doing a Kickstarter because we need support to get this project off the ground. I couldn’t hire a videographer for $4000 and a PR Firm for $3500 plus 30% of our Kickstarter. My younger son became my videographer for the Kickstarter videos and my older son became my video editor. My husband was my constant go-to for editing content, input on ideas, and my rock steady support! 

What are the 2 essentials to starting a new business or launching a new product on your own? A tissue box and a support system. The tissues come first through the tears of doubt, exhaustion, and the realization about the overwhelming amount to learn. The support system helps prop you back up, tells you how much they believe in you, and that manages to provide you with the needed 2nd wind to keep moving forward!

Why do this? This inner drive to strive for your dreams. It’s constantly present, constantly with you, and it drives you to move forward even through defeat, failure, doubt, and chasing after balloons on crazy windy days! Keep working at it. Keep going! Keep learning!

If you have a dream, go for it! Every step you make toward it is a learning process. Whether it’s a victory or a fail, you are succeeding at working toward your dream. Keep at it!

Kiwi the Koala Nutrition Kickstarter has been my 4AM dream with the Kickstarter ending soon on May 11th at noon! Help your kiddos learn about nutrition in a fun way while supporting a new product coming to the market!  Kiwi the Koala Video

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