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Meal Planning Made Easy + Kid's Grocery Shopping List Template AND Grocery Shoppling Template

Stop the stress when asked the question, "What's for dinner?" and get organized with the Meal Planning Made Easy! This is how I organize my family's meals for the week! It helps me know what's for dinner, ingredients are ready to go and bonus-  it saves my produce from a slimy death in the crisper drawer!

Includes Step-by-Step guide on organizing your recipes and planning your week plus my Grocery Shopping List Template AND Kid's Grocery Shopping List

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Fruit & Veggie BINGO Game

Grab your FREE copy of 3 different BINGO Cards! Kids will have fun playing BINGO and a great way for them to learn a variety of fruits & vegetables!


Bingo  1

FREE Bingo cards to play! Download 3 varieties of cards! Kids will have fun learning a variety of fruits & vegetables!

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Top 5 Ways to Help the Picky Eater

Feeding young children can be stressful! Struggling with the best way to feed your child? Yep, I did too! When little ones start resisting what we are serving, it is hard to know the best way to help them. Find out the Top 5 Ways to help the picky eater plus Kitchen Activities for ages 2 - 5 years old by USDA!

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Kid's Grocery List

Kiwi and friends in grocery cart

Grab your free download of our Kid's Grocery List and Activities kids can do in the kitchen.

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Just Add Fruit: 25 Easy Ways to Just Add Fruit

Get your freebie on 25 easy ways to add fruit to your everyday, to your road trips, vacations and more!

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Who's Turn Is it? Find out what your role is & what is your child's role when it comes to feeding. Discover what the Division of Responsibility is and how it helps decrease meal  time stress!

When is it your turn and when is it your child's turn when it comes to feeding? Take the quiz and see how you do! Find out how the Division of Responsibility can ease the stress of mealtime!

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Just Add Veggies: 25 Easy Ways to Just Add Veggies

Get your Freebie on easy ways to add Veggies to your everyday, to road trips and more! Find out ways to pack in more nutrient-packed veggies to your daily plate!

Getting Kids involved in cooking and grocery shopping by downloading a fun grocery shopping list. Included in the download is a breakdown by age of how kids can help in the kitchen developed by the USDA.