Check out our Red Fruits & Veggie Color Party!

We had a blast celebrating all the colors of the Rainbow through our Rainbow Fruits & Veggie Color Party!

Feeling Green Today with our Green Fruits & Veggie Color Party!

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How to Throw a Color Party

Got a picky eater? Want to teach your child about fruits & veggies? A Color Party is perfect for you!

Grab your FREE Copy of our How To Throw a Color Party!

Toss out the paintbrushes, grab a carrot and start painting in a color party!

Have buckets of fun playing in dirt while planting seeds to grow your own veggies!

Master chefs in the making as kids participate in making the foods for the party to serve to friends, parents, and adults!

Fruits & Veggies are divided into 5 Color Groups: Red, Yellow & Orange, Green, Blue & Purple and White. Pick a Color and follow this step-by-step guide!

Color Party - How To!

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Learning about fruits & veggies has never been more fun! Kids will have a blast playing in dirt while planting veggie seeds, throwing out the paintbrushes and grabbing some veggies to make amazing art, & helping cook a yummy fruit or veggie dish to share with friends and adults! You pick the color and pick the activity then follow the step-by-step guide on putting it all together!

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Dirt + Friends + Gardening + Painting + Cooking + Games= Lots of fun learning about fruits & vegetables with kids!


Yellow & Orange Fruit & Veggie Color Party! When you combine dirt + kids + playful imagination + food = a lot of fun ways to teach kids about nutrition!

Enjoying Purple, Blue, & White Fruits & Veggies! Did you know there's purple cauliflower, purple carrots, & purple sweet potatoes? Grab some next time you are grocery shopping!

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