Nutrition Finds

Wow!  There's a lot of fantastic nutrition content on the internet!  Need help finding it?  I've included some of my favorites for great hints, tips, recipes & nutrition facts from reliable sources!  Check them out!


Jill Castle, MS, RD, LDN

Talk about a wealth of information!  Learn how to feed your child from the expert!  Pop in your earbuds while exercising or cleaning around the house and listen to her "Nourished Child" Podcast.  Soon you will fill more empowered with how to feed your little ones!  Jill teaches not just the what but the how to feed your children to help them establish healthy eating habits not just for today but for their lifetime.  She includes practical tips that you can start tonight at dinner!


Ellyn Satter, RD, ACSW

If you've heard the term, "Division of Responsibility", it was all started by Ellyn Satter.  She has helped educate nutrition professionals and parents on how to best feed our children.  The Division of Responsibility divides up parent's job and kid's jobs with eating and meal times.  "Parents are responsible for the what, when, and where of feeding; children are responsible for the how much and whether of eating."  (source:  Child of Mine).  For a step-by-step guide at every age group on feeding your child, go to

Sally Kuzemchak, RD

Real Mom Nutrition

Sally's website,  Real Mom Nutrition is your go to spot for great recipes for feeding your family, helpful lunch box solutions to get out of the same food rut when filling lunch boxes and real life examples of the challenges of feeding a family.

I love her 20 Healthy Team Snacks free download!   I can relate to her quest to change the team snack after games.  When my boys started playing sports, I was surprised at the team snacks brought out after the game and often brought watermelon which the kids cobbled down.  Help make the change on your team while helping our kids learn how to fuel themselves well after exercising! 

Brian Wansink

Do you stop eating when you're full or when your plate is empty?  Brian Wansink is Professor and Director of the famed Cornell University Food and Brand Lab researches ways to improve our habits like moving cereal boxes off the counter and see what happened with the 20lb cereal box .

I'm going to geek out a bit here.  When I was in college reading through a massive amount of research papers, I never would have thought I would have a favorite researcher but I do!  Websites include Slim by Design , Mindless Eating and The Food and Brand Lab. One of my favorite studies is the refueling soup bowl--would you keep eating?

 Podcasts & Blogs

One of the best ways for me to stay up-to-date and hear a variety of reliable nutrition is listening to podcasts.  Subscribe to Sound Bites Podcast with Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN, CDE to hear Melissa's interviews with a variety of nutrition professionals.

Nutrition Hot Topics is covered in the podcast Breaking Down Nutrition:  Your Digest for What Works, What Doesn't by Dr. Susan Mitchell and Regina Ragone, registered dietitian nutritionists.  

Everything's covered at the Nutrition Blog Network website.  Find your topic and click knowing you are receiving your information from reliable nutrition professionals!